Senior Product Designer

Full-Time in Toronto, ON - Senior - Product & Design

Sodatone is Warner Music Group's global A&R data analytics platform. Sodatone was originally a Toronto-based startup that WMG acquired in 2018, and continues to operate as an autonomous/independently-run division of WMG.

The problem we are solving:

There are 100,000 new music releases every day. Record labels can’t listen to all of them, and as result, many talented, deserving artists don’t get the opportunity they deserve.

Sodatone is here to democratize the A&R discovery process by using data and ML to help guide A&R teams around the world, instead of just relying on luck or a referral.

So far, the artists discovered through Sodatone have had more than 30,000,000,000 streams combined. But, we don’t want to stop there!

Sodatone can help discover the next WMG superstars like Ed Sheeran and Dua Lipa. And as music from around the world becomes more mainstream, Sodatone can make emerging artists from around the world more discoverable, and help uplift their communities.

Help us find and share the music that will be heard, loved, and remembered. At Sodatone, you'll help shape culture globally.

About the role:

Sodatone is looking for Senior or Lead Product Designer who has previously worked on analytics/data features or products and can help make our product more accessible to all users through design.

You’ll be interacting and designing for some of the most influential music executives and creatives around the world, helping create the story the data is telling so that they know how to leverage their artistic instincts effectively.

What you will do:

  1. Be the voice of the user: Talk directly with our users to understand and advocate their needs and pain points, and explore new ways to create value for our users before they even know what they want. You constantly imagine yourself in their shoes when using the product, and you love to engage with them to understand their world.
  2. Execute all levels of the design process: Create user flows, wireframes, prototypes and mockups that effectively communicate design concepts for validation before development, not after. You are always asking yourself if the problem you set out to solve has been solved. And if not, you put your ego aside and will go back to the drawing board as needed.
  3. Rise with data: Use user research and analytics data to determine whether we’ve identified the right solution and, if not, quickly identify the next iteration. Use your research and insights to advocate your designs, suggested scope changes, and future iterations of the feature/product.
  4. Enhance our internal design culture: Champion design internally by educating and involving team members in the design process. You will be the key proponent of our design system and ensure that it is reflective of best practices in UI/UX while defining the future identity and personality of our application.

Who you are:

  1. You are an experienced designer that doesn’t mind rolling up your sleeves while we grow: You’re experienced with UX design, UI design, visual design and user research. Bonus points if you’ve worked at multiple companies and have a proven design process.
  2. You are a collaboration and communication champion: You’re happy to interact with the Sodatone Analyst & BizOps Team, Engineering, and other teams and can bring them along in the design process. This role will work closely with almost everybody at Sodatone and our users to help create best-in-class product experiences for our users.
  3. You are growth-oriented: You’re always learning, whether it’s about the domain and problem space, or new skill sets to help you design better solutions. You will be the key proponent of our design system and ensure that it is reflective of best practices in UI/UX while defining the future identity and personality of our application.
  4. You are a self-starter: You get excited to work on a blank slate, whether it’s a new problem our users haven’t realized or identifying and solving a gap in our processes.

Additional info:

  1. Sodatone was founded in 2016, and was acquired by Warner Music Group in 2018. We're an independently-run division of WMG - we make all product decisions, set our own deadlines, and plan our own team events. In our view, it's the best of both worlds - we're a small team where you'll have lots of autonomy and impact, but without the traditional risks of a startup.
  2. We're looking for folks in the Toronto area as all our Sodatone teammates are all based in the GTA, and we often have in-person socials. Majority of the team comes into our WeWork office at Richmond/University on Tuesdays (not mandatory), and some folks come in more often based on their preferences. We will be moving into a new office space with Warner Canada at The Well at Front/Spadina with the same flexibility in May 2023.